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Kendall Payne: the pics

Images From: 2005-2008

I got the chance to sing at the coolest Christmas concert in New Jersey the weekend before Christmas... and it SNOWED!!! Which is really amazing for this California girl.  This is me walking in a winter wonderland.
Having tea at the Plaza in NYC!!!  Fun fun!
Tree hunting.  With the help of a friendly, axe carrying, elf.
Ty and KP with our Christmas Tree!
Our annual Christmas lunch with Dad at a downtown club.
SNEAK PEAK!!! This is the album cover artwork for my upcoming worship album "That's Why There's Grace"
SNEAK PEAK!!! This is the album cover artwork for my upcoming Christmas album "December"
got a new haircut.
"That's Why There's Grace" photo shoot.
This is what I look like when I'm hungry and bored.  If you ever see this face on me, you have two options: run the other way or give me chocolate.
All smiles, probably becuase I just ate chocolate. Lesson learned.
Jack nestled up in Tyty's neck.
I am forever 21. ;-)
Paper Skin Album Artwork.  NO I am not naked!!!  Hahaha
What's up there?
He Popped the Question
At the Piano
Singing louder.
Heny LOVES to play in the hose water.  This is him dripping wet.  Then he jumps on my lap and shakes water all over me. The things we do for love!
No, those are not the latest trend in dangly earings, that is headphones, and yes, that is offically me recording my new live worship record!
We were playing fetch, and they were hot. :-)
Redheads must stick together!!!
Tyler's Birthday, he's an old man now! Haha.
Singing at a wedding Dallas.  It was hot outside, I was pumping the A/C!!!
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