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Kendall Payne: to listen

Two Loves (Say it's me)

(Kendall Payne)
Two loves living, two loves breathing, two loves cannot exist.
Two loves warring, two loves fighting, one will eventually win.

Say it’s me and I will be there for you.
Say it’s me but, love, I won’t share you, no.
Say it’s me, say it’s me, say it’s me, say it.

Two loves singing one simple chorus, two loves bending each ear.
And to listen, oh you must focus, so tell me which love do you hear?

Now I know why these things are tied up in tears.
It’s all of my hopes and it is all my fears.

Two loves love you and you love two loves,
Which will take second place?
I need an answer you must decide cause I can’t go on living this way