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Kendall Payne: to listen

The Only One

(Kendall Payne)
Did you ever make believe
That you were someone else,
Someone not yourself.
You’d get away with everything,
And never have to tell
But you could never tell.
And in your dreams a thousand times
You opened up your mouth
The truth came spilling out.
When you wake up by your side
The love that you have lied to
Never had a doubt.

Which makes it so much harder…

You were the only one, You were the only one.
These things can’t be undone, So please don’t ask me how.
You were the only one ‘til now.

Did you ever make believe
That you could feel the same
When everything had changed?
Could you ask your love to stay
Wear your scarlet shame
Knowing you betrayed them?
Would you wait a thousand years
If that’s how long it takes to trust you?
Will it ever go away?
Will the feelings ever fade?
What if it never goes away?

Which makes it so much harder…

And I’m sorry, so sorry. I cannot imagine how you feel.
I’m desperate and empty, broken down, broken down, broken down.